Saturday, May 30, 2009

Free Time, Schmee Time

The next week is the only week this summer I'll have two classes and my internship all together. My orientation with NASA on Monday is an all-day affair, so I will be attempting to sandwich in time to study for the three tests I have this week. Of course there is also a bunch of regular classwork to finish. Summer semesters are great for getting things done rapidly, but I think I prefer a marathon to a sprint. Thankfully, there will only be another three weeks after this week with Statistics and the internship, and then I'll be left with nothing but NASA through August. Sonya and I can't wait for the Miami Druekes to arrive, for the visit was well-planned around the Independence Day break. Somehow I'd like to get them a little tour of Langley. There has been 97 years worth of Aerospace research and innovation coming out of there, and I really want a chance to show it of to the family. We will also be visited by a small segment of the Michigan Drueke Clan in the form of Aunt Mary Kay and Carl. I love being the summer-vacation destination.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, that was quick.

Here's the big news. I have been offered and accepted a summer internship with NASA. I'm participating in LARSS (Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars) and will be working on a joint project with the EPA. I'd love to say that I earned this based on merit alone, but I must give credit to my lovely wife. A professor Sonya works with at William & Mary is married to an engineer with the EPA, and he pulled some strings to make this thing happen. I have to hope that he would not have done so had I not shown significant promise. Needless to say, I am ecstatic! They're working around my school schedule since my summer classes overlap the first couple weeks of LARSS. Also noteworthy, this is my first paid engineering gig. It should cover tuition and books for the fall, and it also counts as a credit toward graduation. Yehaaaa!

...why I have been posting infrequently.

I finally have all my grades for this semester, and I'm pretty pleased. I earned four As and one B. My GPA is now sitting at 3.710, and I'm pretty happy with it. I feel I must say that the two Bs I've earned at VCU have come from the same dang professor. I'd blame him, but I'm not 20. It must be some learning style conflict. Still, I'm pretty happy. Now that I have a little free time, I'm sure I will get some work done at the house. I'll post at Sonya's blog with photos. I'm waiting on confirmation about my truly exciting news, so stayed tuned for my next update!!!