Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spot the Geek!

It's a trick, we're all geeks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Druekes in Virginia!

The Miami Druekes were with us for the Independence Day weekend, and it was great having them. They've been here enough times (3 times) to be all done with the usual historic tourist stuff, so we hung around the house and drank wine and beer, played cribbage, grilled bratwurst, and had general merriment. Aunt Mary Kay and Uncle Carl were with us from Michigan, but they had not enjoyed all the Ye-Olde-Colonial fair, so they did that stuff during the day and joined us in the evenings. It was fantastic! Mary Kay took plenty of pictures, so I need to get a hold of those to add to the blog. We did all head to Duke of Gloucester street to enjoy the fireworks which is the one thing in Colonial Williamsburg I have never done. It was a really great display. Of course, for an hour before the fireworks, there was a team of preachers standing on step stools enjoying their rights to free speech and making those around them uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure the framers intended everyone to have the right to make others uncomfortable. Isn't that what "inalienable" means?Here you can see us enjoying the sermon before the fireworks show. Look at how moved my dad is by the power of preachers in Birkenstocks! This weekend also proved a rare occasion for my dad to bond with our not-so-brave dog, Jake. He has become much more social with strangers, yet he is still terrified of having his picture taken. Jake has the uncanny ability to recognize and fear all devices with picture-taking capabilities. Here is an example of Jake's reaction to cameras:
Look at his smile! Ramona loves cameras and people.
I almost forgot this picture. I simply will not explain it!