Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Almost there... Almost there..."

Pardon my Star Wars quote, but it captures the sentiment. I've got a final in Mechanics of Deformables today at 1:00 and then two more finals next week. On Monday I turned in the group project for Engineering Computation and Visualization, took the Circuits final and completed the Thermodynamics final. Now is the time when being a little O.C.D. becomes a liability instead of a blessing. I check my grades about twenty times a day. I realize this is not healthy and may cause an ulcer, but I don't like surprises when it comes to grades. Every semester I make spreadsheets that keep me abreast of my progress and inform me exactly what I need to achieve certain goals (straight As), but a couple classes are really too close to call. I had a 94 average going into the Thermo final, but that one dang test is 40% of the grade! Circuits, I'm ashamed to say, has left me in potential C territory. I really only needed a 70 on the final to guarantee a B, but that class has proven extremely challenging. It's a class that - taken alone - would be an easy A, but my Mechanical Engineering classes take a necessary priority.
All that is left after today is Engineering Visualization & Computation and Multivariate Calculus. I'm not too stressed about either of those classes. The last two weeks of school were devoted exclusively to the aforementioned group project and studying for the Circuits and Thermo finals, so my brain shut down to Deformables and Calc. III. This means I need to teach myself about four classes worth of Multivariate Calculus in order to get the grade I need on the final. Happily, I only need a 70 on the final for an A in the class. We had our third test in Deformables on Thursday, but I really only needed about an hour to study for that one. I got a 94.
So if you are keeping up at home, I have two finals next week followed by two weeks off. Then the six-week summer semester begins followed by two months off!! This fall I begin my junior year in earnest.